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Thanks for stopping by. Now that you're here, how can we encourage you to stay?
Industry knowledge and experience is likely pretty important, right?
We've been in our trade on many different levels since 1985. That's a lot of years!
More importantly, most of those years were spent in areas other than sales so we're more inspired to making you look good than in making a quick buck. 
We're guessing saving money where you can is likely high on your list of priorities as well. 


Maybe some of these perks can benefit you?

  • Art? Company logo? We can help. Our formal training is in commerical art and advertising so it's really loads of fun for us to try an help you develop art or a logo. And you know what we charge for this? Nothing. This can save some major bucks! Please see our sample graphics page to see some of the things we've created.
  • Need to have your logo converted to an embroidery file? We can do that too. With roughly ten years in embroidery design practices, we know what will work, and what will look good, and what will save you money. With a minimum of 12 pieces, we convert your logo to an embroidery file for ZERO dollars. You can view some of these samples on our embroidery design link. 
  • Unsure about the goods you're interested in ordering? We know all about that! We actually ENCOURAGE you to order samples. This ensures that the quality is what you want, the style and cut fits, and the colors are what you expect. 
  • Shipping can be expensive and who has time with their busy schedules to pick up the finished project? We can't always eliminate freight costs but sure do try when we can. And when it comes to ordering apparel, most times we do by combining customer's orders so that we have volumes that qualify for free freight. AND unless you're beyond 65 miles from any of our three locations, we almost always deliver right to your door with a smile... Also at no cost to you!


We want to earn your business with customer service, perks, and helpful knowledge you may not be used to. Please explore our site and get in touch soon so we can assist you with your current projects.



IDK-Wear is founded on the ability and desire to provide an unprecedented customer service
experience for all your promotional products and apparel projects.